Why a blog?

Mirko Galimberti
2020-11-22 20:34:48

Why I needed a blog, and how this will impact you daily life. Really, you can't handle to not read this article.

Let’s be crystal clear, the main purpose of the mirkogalimberti.com blog is to test brand new features and changes of open/closed source code (such as frameworks, libraries, etc ..) without breaking things that need to be up 24/7 in production.

In order to have some traffic (from bots too) 😀 , I'm going to talk about tech (and misc, sometimes) , but don't expect to have something to read on a daily basis, cause I'm probably busy on a project.

Basically, if you’re reading this article, you’re part of a test.

For native speakers: You all are also part of an additional test. I'm tremendously sorry about any grammar error that You all will encounter during this journey. Will my English skills improve?

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